Nizwa & Bahla & Jabrin

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Nizwa & Bahla & Jabrin

We start our morning travelling towards the Sumail gap which divides the Hajar mountains.

Firstly, we head to the ancient city of Nizwa, which is also the old capital of Oman. Nizwa is also a centre for culture and referred to as the cultural capital of Oman. Nizwa is famous for the Nizwa Souq, which at all times is busy with the hustle and bustle of trade, activity and haggling customers. The souq has numerous stalls and shops selling handicrafts, antiques, objects of art and even livestock.

Another unique feature of the city is the Nizwa Fort. This fort has the biggest tower of any fort in Oman which is also cylindrically shaped. It is a large and unique castle and one of Oman’s most visited monuments. Nizwa Fort has 7 wells, numerous prisons and also a prosecution ground. It also exhibits many antiques and artefacts and also has a permanent exhibition which proudly retains the history and tradition of Oman.

Next we head to Bahla, a world heritage site declared by the UNESCO for its cultural antiquity. Bahla houses one of the oldest forts in Oman, Bahla Fort and is also called the City of Magic, as it is home to many myths and legends of magic and witchcraft. Bahla is called the pottery capital of Oman.

We then move on to the Jabrin fort, which is one of Oman’s most magnificent forts. After having a tour of the castle and fort, we head back to Muscat.

  • Highlight : Oman’s legendary forts and ancient lifestyle
  • Duration  : Approx. 8 hours (08:30 am - 4:30 pm)