Nizwa & Al Hamra & Jebel Shams

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Nizwa & Al Hamra & Jebel Shams


Jebel Shams (Sun Mountain) is a mountain located in north-eastern Oman, north of Al Hamra town. It is the highest mountain in the country and part of Al Hajar Mountain range. It is a popular sightseeing area located 240 km (149 mi) from Muscat. In the summer, the climate is significantly cooler than the city, and the temperature is around 20°C (68°F), while in the winter it drops to less than 0°C (32°F).


The highest point is the North Summit occupied by a military base and is a restricted area. As per the Ministry of Tourism, Sultanate of Oman, the North Summit reaches 3009 metres (9872 ft).


We start from Muscat in the early morning, at approximately 8:00am, where a 4WD car will drive you into the interior of the Sultanate via Fanjah, lzki and Nizwa. In Nizwa you get the chance to walk through the Old Quarter and have a look at the traditional Souq. Our journey brings us to Al Hamra, an old mountain village, where you can see the abandoned Persian ruins in Ghul, as well a traditional Omani village. Soon after, we travel up the canyon to Nakhr to explore the canyon and stop near Nakhr village for a photo opportunity.

From there, we drive via Ghul to the top of the canyon near to the summit of Jebel Shams, where we can enjoy the breath-taking view over the unique canyon, and return to Muscat around 5:00pm.